Profile of Business Referrals Plus Members

June 1, 2011

BusinessReferralsPlus(tm) manages high performance referral groups designed to deliver consistent first-rate referrals to dedicated marketing and sales personnel.  BRPlus members are typically passionate, personable, and active marketers or networkers who understand that TIME is their most important resource. They seek to maximize their return on investment of the time and money they spend on referral-marketing activities. Many BRPlus members concentrate more of their time on new client acquisition than on client renewal and retention activities. These members need a method to find referrals where efficiency, effectiveness, and quality are valued, and energy is not wasted on unproductive networking.

BRPlus provides its members with groups that meet that need precisely. BRPlus fuels their desire for face-to-face, first-rate introductions to real, promising prospects.  Each BRPlus group is specifically oriented as either Business-2-Business or Business-2-Consumer, providing an explicit focus unavailable  in other such groups that showcase an eclectic collection of products, services and professional services.

The relationships that develop between members of each BusinessReferralsPlus™ group yield countless opportunities for referrals within a narrow radius of focus.  This serves to maximize performance without wasting valuable time on referrals outside their scope of interest. BRPlus members trust each other to provide an effective level of service to the persons they refer. In each BRPlus group, the key elements are consistency, quality, and efficiency.

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What makes “professionally managed” referral-marketing better?

May 27, 2011

There are many options in the St. Louis metropolitan area to join groups specifically designed to help create leads, network, and generate referrals.  At BusinessReferralsPlus(tm), the key differentiating ingredient is professional management.  Each BRPlus group has a professional director whose primary task is to push and pull information to and from members in order to produce high-quality leads during every meeting.  The director also communicates with members between meetings by:

  • Distributing notes from each BRPlus session regarding open, pending or closed referrals, and planned meetings and activities.
  • Contacting members between meetings to help facilitate referrals.
  • Producing collateral materials, including an Activity Details Report to track all referrals and activities, a worksheet for use at each meeting, and an updated roster containing profiles for each member.

While the expectations are different for each member of a BusinessReferralsPlus(tm) group, the key driver is high-quality referrals.  That is why we say at BusinessReferralsPlus(tm), “It’s not networking, it’s REFERRALS!”  

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